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Van Organized Industrial Zone

Organized Industrial Zone

In 1998, 87 industrial parcels were established in the area of ​​Şemsibey Neighborhood on Van-Erciş Highway. The 1st and 2nd stage companies mainly consist of construction, plastic, packaging, food and chemical business.


In order to meet the needs of the industrialists who want to invest together with the increase in production and development in Van, the efforts for the establishment of 3rd Stage in 2011 were initiated. Infrastructure works of 3rd Stage, which is built on 44 hectare area, were completed in 2013. The 3rd stage, which consists of 48 industrial plots, mainly consists of construction, food, and chemistry.


In line with the increasing demands based on production within the scope of the attraction centers of Van, infrastructure construction was commenced on 60 hectares in 2016. 100% physical realization will be achieved in 2018. If the 4th Stage will be completed, 23 industrial parcels will be acquired by the OIZ.


With the 4th stage, 134 land parcels were made in Van OSB which has a total of 158 industrial parcels. In these parcels, 129 of the production companies are in production, 5 of them are granted permission to use the building and 1 parcel cannot be allocated due to technical conditions.


In line with the increasing demand within the scope of the attraction centers and the applications made by the international and branded firms to the OSB mine, the land that is considered for the 5 th Stage of 277 Hectares in order to catch the 2023 vision has been paid and the OIZ has been included in the OIZ limits. After the completion of the 4th Phase Infrastructure works, project and development works will be started for the 5 th Phase Parceling and Infrastructure works.



· 20.208 m. Traffic road

· 18.687 m Sewerage Network

· 224 m Rain Water Network

· 22. 689 m Drinking Water Network

· 3 pieces of 1000 m3 water tank



In order to meet the electricity needs of our Organized Industrial Zone, a special energy transmission line was drawn from Teiaş to our region. Since we have electricity distribution license, the electricity transmission, breakdown and maintenance of the OSB is made by the electricity department of our Directorate. Our installed electricity infrastructure is as follows;


· There are 57 transformers and 38.000 KVA installed transformer power.

· The length of the overhead lines is 38,000 m.

· 533 pieces of iron and reinforced concrete posts

· There are 745 outdoor lighting owners.


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